Nduja Spreadable Spicy Salami Sausage 500 g

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Ingredients: pork fat, herbs and spices, along with spicy Calabrian peppers

Weight: 500 gr

Nduja Spreadable Spicy Salami Sausage is perfect for appetizers.

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What is Nduja Spreadable Spicy Salami Sausage?

It is a typical spicy, spreadable salami sausage from Calabria region in southern Italy.

Nduja  (pronounced as in-DOOJ-ah)  is made with pork fat, herbs and spices, along with spicy Calabrian peppers, which give nduja chili heat and a distinctive red color. It originated in Vibo Valentia province, and much of it still comes from the town of Spilinga.

“It’s great with anything from fresh burrata cheese to shellfish to pizza, and you can whack it in almost any pasta” . “It’s the go-to ingredient for a bit of a kick. It’s like a non-vegetarian chili oil.”

The name Nduja is probably a derivative of the French andouilleaccording to Academia Barilla, the Italian Food Academy. When the French fought the Spanish in southern Italy in the early 19th century, they may have helped in the development of Nduja.

There are also similarities to the Spanish cured sausage, Sobrassada.  When you add Nduja to your recipes,  “You get this really yummy, spicy taste and people love spicy food. They want a little bit of a kick in their food.” 

We aim to introduce this typical Italian unique delicacy to everyone here in Hong Kong. Spreadable salami sausage, perfect for appetizers.

Weight 500 g